Hospital Leave KSR 103 Section 10

>> Friday, May 19, 2023

This leave is granted to the categories of Government Servants specified under the rule while under medical treatment for illness or injury, if such illness or injury is directly due to risks incurred in the course of their official duties.This is granted for treatment either at hospital or at home. The duration will be as suggested by the attending Medical Officer. Leave salary as for Disability leave. (R 104) Comment on the following: - a) On 1-7-2004 an officer requested for converting 30 days EL availed of by him in April2004 into HPL. (See R 76 & 89. EL shall not be commuted Hence irregular) b) A Permanent officer who is due to retire on superannuation on 1-8-2003 has applied for 40 days Leave Not due from 1-3-2003 as there was no EL or HPL at his credit. Considering his ability and devotion, it was granted (See R 85; Cannot earn HPL. Hence irregular). c) An officer not in permanent employ has applied for 20 days EL oncompletion of 200 days duty. It was granted after satisfying the purpose for which it was applied, (See R 86 will earn EL at 1/22. Hence irregular) d) An officer applied for 15 days EL, which was admissible. But, as the leave sanctioning authority wanted to punish for his frequent absence, LWA for 15 days was sanctioned to him. (See note under R.65. Action irregular) e) A temporary clerk who had put in 2 years service was granted LWA for 5 months (See R 88 (ii) and 88 A.LWA upto 3 months can be granted. Hence irregular). f) A clerk in the office of the City Police Commissioner, Thiruvananthapuram met with a scooter accident and one of his legs was fractured. He was granted hospital leave for 4 months. (See R 103 clerk is not eligible to hospital leave, and that leave is granted while undergoing medical treatment for illness or injury, if such illness or injury is directly due to the risk incurred in the course of official duty. Hence also the above action is irregular. g) Commuted leave for 15 days is granted to an officiating clerk who has put in 2 yearsservice. (see R.86A. CML can be granted only to permanent officers and officers having 3 years continuous service. Hence irregular) h) EL and LWA were sanctioned as leave for study purpose to a clerk for technical course of study in a polytechnic. (See note 2 to R 91 sanction irregular). i) The balance of EL of a full time teacher at the time of his appointment to a parttime post was allowed to be surrendered. (See ruling to R.86, the action is irregular. When a full time teacher is appointed to a part-time post, the EL at credit can be granted only when he is reappointed in the fulltime post). Click here to download KSR 103 Section X Hospital Leave


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