ഭരണഘടനാദിനാചരണം ഇന്ന് (നവമ്പര്‍ 26). നിര്‍ദ്ദേശങ്ങള്‍ ഡൗണ്‍ലോഡ്‌സില്‍

Revised Half yearly Examination Time table
High School Time table | LP/UP Time table

സംസ്ഥാന ശാസ്ത്രോത്സവ ഫലങ്ങള്‍ 2015

UID Details Entry Site | Sasthrolsavam Site | Offline Software installation| Sub-district Kalolsavam Data Entry

SSLC MARCH 2016 Candidate details Correction: School Login
(തിരുത്തലുകള്‍ വരുത്താനുള്ള അവസാനതീയതി 2015 ഡിസംബര്‍ 5)

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ഇവിടെ പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിക്കുന്ന വിവരങ്ങള്‍ ഇന്റര്‍നെറ്റിലെ വിവിധ സൈറ്റുകളില്‍ നിന്നും അഭ്യുദയകാംക്ഷികളില്‍ നിന്നുമെല്ലാം ലഭിക്കുന്നവയാണ്. അതു കൊണ്ടു തന്നെ ഇവ ഔദ്യോഗികമോ ആധികാരികമോ അവസാനവാക്കോ ആയിരിക്കുകയുമില്ല. അവയുടെ സാധുത ഉറപ്പുവരുത്തേണ്ട ബാധ്യത പൂര്‍ണമായും വായനക്കാര്‍ക്കു തന്നെയായിരിക്കും. അതുമൂലമുണ്ടാകുന്ന ഏതൊരു കഷ്ടനഷ്ടങ്ങള്‍ക്കും മാത്​സ് ബ്ലോഗിന് യാതൊരു ബാധ്യതയോ ഉത്തരവാദിത്വമോ ഉണ്ടായിരിക്കുകയില്ല.കണ്‍ട്രോള്‍ കീയും f കീയും അമര്‍ത്തി സെര്‍ച്ച് ചെയ്യാവുന്നതാണ്
25-11-2015Dependents of divorced government employees -appointment - sanctioned-orders issued
24-11-2015Last Chance for OEC Prematric Data entry (Last date November 25)
24-11-2015Tax Deduction at Source - Deduction of advance tax component from Salary
24-11-2015Circular about the Group Insurance Scheme
24-11-2015Scout and Guides : One week one rupee project for Cancer patients
24-11-2015November 26 : observing National Constitution day
24-11-2015Desheeiya Sambadya Padhathi - Relaunching the Saving Scheme - Sanchayika
24-11-2015GO about the official language : Govt orders, Circulars, Mails should be published in Malayalam
24-11-2015Clarification on KER test qualification for HM promotion
24-11-2015Directions issued against the misuse of Indian Currency
23-11-2015Revised Half yearly Examination Dec 2015 : Circular | High School | LP/UP Section
21-11-2015State IT Mela at Kollam : Circular
20-11-2015Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme - Renewal of the scheme for the year 2016 -Orders issued
20-11-2015One Office One DDO System - Clarification issued
20-11-2015STANDARD X EQUIVALENCY EXAM - 2015 Result : Site | Circular | Form for HM
20-11-2015Higher Secondary Examination March 2016 : Notification | Time table
20-11-2015State Sasthrolsavam : Program Notice | ID Card
19-11-2015DA and DR: Revised GO(P) no. 525/2015 dt 18/11/2015
19-11-2015വിദ്യാരംഗം വെബ് മൊഡ്യൂള്‍ : എല്‍ പി വിഭാഗം | യു പി വിഭാഗം | എച്ച് എസ് വിഭാഗം | ഗൈഡ്‌ലൈന്‍സ് | അനെക്സ്ചര്‍ 1 | അനെക്സ്ചര്‍ 2
18-11-2015PSC Departmental Test January 2016: Notification.
18-11-2015PSC Departmental Test Results July 2015.
18-11-2015Instructions: Cluster Training on 28/11/2015 reg.
18-11-2015Spark: One Office One DDO
18-11-2015Results: state level C V Raman Essay Competition
16-11-2015Noon Meal Program : Allotment for the arrears to Cooks
13-11-2015Guidelines for processing salary and other entitlements of State Government employees through SPARK
13-11-2015Recognition to unaided schools following state curriculum
13-11-2015Notification for the Deparmental Test- January 2016
13-11-2015ERNAKULAM DISTRICT Maths Fair - Seminar & paper Presentation RESULTS
09-11-2015Revised Time schedule -District IT Mela Ernakulam
07-11-2015Directions about the IEDSS Resource Teachers Salary : Circular about Bank Account | Instructions to HMs
07-11-2015Dina Thrayatmika : Support for Sanskrit learning Students : Circular | Module
06-11-2015Ernakulam District Sasthrolsavam Notice | Science fair Schedule | IT Mela Schedule | ID Card
06-11-2015 SSLC Exam Duty in Gulf/Lakshadweep:
Gulf - Lakshadweeep
06-11-2015Drawing Teacher Qualification in Govt./Aided Schools
30-10-2015DPI Circular about Cluster Time Change | DPI Instruction on Cluster Training for Muslim Calender Schools
30-10-2015Electronic treasury - Salary through bank account of employees - Integration with e-Kuber portal of RBI - Orders issued
30-10-2015DPI Circular about the Juvenile Justice Act 2000
30-10-2015Pre Matric Scholarship 2014-15 -Updating Bank Details
30-10-2015Observance of 31st October,2015 as Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas (National Re-dedication Day)-Regarding
27-10-2015Announced Leave with Salary on Polling Day except polling officers
27-10-2015Directions about the Postal Vote -Directions to ROs -Permissions to Postal ballot
27-10-2015Latest Circular about OEC Lump-sum grant
27-10-2015Aided Status for Special Schools having more than 100 students including Buds Schools
27-10-2015State Special School Kalolsavam 2015
Instructions - Data Entry Site
26-10-2015Circular about the last date for receiving applications to Snehapoorvam Project
26-10-2015Permission for Thejas daily to conduct Children's day Quiz competition in Schools
26-10-2015Observing December 14th as National Energy Conservation Day
26-10-2015Subscription of Thalir magazine in Schools
21-10-2015SSLC 2016 : Notification | Time table
21-10-2015Guidelines about the Malayalam Week Celebrations
21-10-2015Technitia Season 11 - Brochure
21-10-2015SSLC Revaluation 3rd Spell result
18-10-2015Pre-Metric Scholarship for Disabled Students
18-10-2015Public Holidays 2016 announced by State Government
18-10-2015GO about using the name badge for Employees
18-10-2015Concessions to CWSN in the S.S.L.C. examination-16 : Notification (English) | Notification (Malayalam) | LD Certificate
18-10-2015Sasthramela 2015: Latest directions from DPI
16-10-2015Mid Term IT Exam Circular
14-10-2015Cyber Suraksha -Presentation by Suresh K P,KPESHS Kayakkody
14-10-2015Snehapoorvam Project : Revised Guidelines dated 10.10.2014
14-10-2015State Life Insurance GO on 2012
Instructions | Application form
13-10-2015Cyber Suraksha -Pledge
13-10-2015State Level Social Science News reading Competition-2015 Result
13-10-2015Promotion of Clerks as Senior Clerks
13-10-2015Inviting Logos for Jawaharlal Nehru National Exhibition
13-10-2015Formation of Innovation of club in schools
12-10-2015Directions about the National Hand Washing Day Observed on 15.10.2015
08-10-2015Last date for Online Data Entry on Text Book Distribution ends on October 12
08-10-2015SPC Quiz for students from Standard VIII and IX
08-10-20158th National Biodiversity Congress for Children -Instructions and Topics for Project
08-10-2015LSS/USS Scholarship Enhancement of the value of Scholarship
08-10-2015Special Casual Leave for employees of Public Sector Undertakings undergoing Chemotherapy / Radiation Treatment
08-10-2015QIP Monitoring Committee Minutes dated on 28.9.2015
05-10-2015Ensuring the Minimum Level for reading and Writing
05-10-2015Diploma in Education (D.Ed) Notifications
05-10-2015Balasree Puraskaram 2015
05-10-2015OBC Pretric 2015-16 Notification
05-10-2015Camp for Sanskrit Students 2015-16 & Module
05-10-2015Sub District/Revenue District IT Mela Circular
29-09-2015Sampoornna Verification for SSLC students - date extended to October 10
29-09-2015Gandhi Jayanthi Week Celebrations-Instructions
29-09-2015Panchayath Election - Online data correction of Staff
29-09-2015Transfer,promotion and posting of officers in the cadre of Departmental High School(Linguistic minority KANNADA)
29-09-2015Final seniority list of Kannada knowing HSA eligible for out of turn promotion as HM/AEOs
29-09-2015Transfer,promotion and posting of officers in the cadre of Departmental High School(Linguistic minority TAMIIL)
29-09-2015Final seniority list of Tamil knowing HSA eligible for out of turn promotion as HM/AEOs
24-09-2015Teacher Training (For HS and UP) in connection with nutrition program
24-09-2015SC/ST Development Department -Nursery school- Mid day meal /Nutritious food- Rate enhanced
24-09-2015DPI Circular on SC/ST Welfare Committee Report
24-09-2015Promotion,Transfer and posting to the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO/TTIs and equated categories : Part 1 | Part 2
24-09-2015Promotion,Transfer and posting to the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO/TTIs and equated categories
24-09-2015Transfer and Postings of Officers in the cadre of DDE and DEO
22-09-2015Sampoorna - Correction of class X Students' Details
22-09-2015NuMATS-2015 : Maths Examination for students from STD VI
22-09-2015Prematric scholarship 2014-15 : Schools can edit bank Account details before 30.9.2015
22-09-2015Re-arrangement of Resource Teachers 2015-16
(5 districts) Click here for List of teachers
22-09-2015State Level Science Seminar 2015 Winners Details and Results
18-09-2015DPI Circular on UID Enrollment
18-09-2015Letter about the implementation of 'Safe food for Health' Program in Schools
18-09-2015 State Level Science Seminar 2015
18-09-2015Thaipongal- Regional holiday announced on 15-01-2016 for government offices and schools in Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad, Pathanamthitta, Idukki, Wayanad Districts
17-09-2015Minority Pre-Metric (Class 1 to 8) Date extended upto 18.09.2015
17-09-2015Electronics@school, Raspberry Pie distribution
16-09-2015 Promotion,Transfer and posting to the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO/TTIs and equated categories
16-09-2015Transfer and posting to the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO/TTIs and equated categories
16-09-2015Transfer and Posting of Lecturers in DIET
15-09-2015Children's Day : Stamp Designing Competition for School Students
13-09-2015ICT details collection & ICT Academic guidelines for Government Highschools
10-09-2015Revised schedule for the first Terminal Hindi Exam for STD X
10-09-2015Broken Service will count for service benifits -Clarification from DDE Kannur
10-09-2015Circular about the PF withdrawal of Aided School Staff
10-09-2015Noon Meal Program : Implementing Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY)
10-09-2015 Promotion and Postings of HSA's in the cadre of Heads of Panchayath High Schools
10-09-2015NATPAC -Road Safty Classes for teachers 2015
08-09-2015Guidelines for the preparation of Exhibits and models in State Level Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition for Children- SLSMEE 2015-2016
08-09-2015Compassionate Employment Scheme- Regularization of persons Appointed in posts created supernumerary posts
08-09-2015World Space Week 2015
08-09-2015Direction for conducting exam for Indian Military school admission in 2016 June
07-09-2015IFMS- One Office, One Drawing Officer System-Introduced
07-09-2015Circular about the Aadhar Enrollment Camps in Schools
07-09-2015Exhibition of "No Smoking" board in offices
07-09-2015Various projects under the Social Justice Departments
07-09-2015Instructions on issuing the TC for students whose parents are separated
07-09-2015Aided School Status to Special Schools -Revised Guidelines
07-09-2015Government retained I.E.D resource teachers-orders issued
07-09-2015Promotion,Transfer and posting of officers in the cadre of Sr.AA/AO(PF), and AA/AO(SSA)/APFO
03-09-2015Prime Minister's address with school children on on 4.9.2015 from 10 am to 11.15 am
03-09-2015Minority per-matric registration for STD IX and X extended
02-09-2015Appointment of teachers in Aided Higher Secondary Schools approved
02-09-2015VIDHYARANGAM TEACHERS DAY Results -2015
27-08-2015Govt declared Dies-non against the strike announced on 2015 September 2
27-08-2015State Committee directions about the functioning of Junior Red Cross Units
27-08-2015Afforestation program of Kerala forest Department under Haritha Keralam to be implemented through School Children and Ente Maram Project
27-08-2015Instructions about the advance intimation to the Kerala PSC regarding anticipated Vacancies
27-08-2015State Teachers' Award 2015-2016 : Press release
Primary Teachers | Secondary Teachers
27-08-2015Learn to Code Competition on Raspberry Pie
DPI Circular | Application Form
27-08-2015Circular about the IFSC Code related issues in the allotment of contingent fund for Noon meal Program
27-08-2015Transfer and Postings of DDE and DEO
24-08-2015Final Seniority list of Senior Superintendent for the period from 01.12.2012 to 31.12.2014
24-08-2015Final Seniority List Of UD Clerks for the period from 01-01-2006 to 31-12-2010 : Govt Order | List of Clerks
22-08-2015Noon Meal Cooking Charges enhanced
New GO dated 11.08.2015 | GO dated 2.7.2015
22-08-2015GO about Irregularly upgraded school without obtaining Government Sanction
22-08-2015Diploma in Education (D.Ed) 2013-2014 : First Semester Result | Second Semester Result | Third Semester Result | Fourth Semester Result
20-08-20152nd and 4th Semester and T.T.C Private Revaluation Circular
20-08-2015Application For The Post Of Lecturer In DIET : Notification | Apply Online
20-08-2015DPI Circular about Text Book Distribution
20-08-2015Additional Post in HSE Dept- Schemes approved- Orders issued
18-08-2015Bharana Bhasha Puraskaram 2015 - Applications invited
18-08-2015Public Sector Undertakings- Special Festival Allowance
17-08-2015Staff Fixation 2015-16 : Directions | Proforma
17-08-2015NTS Examination 2015 - Notification | SBT Online Payment
17-08-2015NMMS Examination 2015 - Notification
14-08-2015Festival Allowance - Enhanced
12-08-2015Early Disbursement of Salary and Pension in connection with ONAM
12-08-2015Bonus /Special Festival Allowance to State Govt Employees and Pensioners
12-08-2015Onam Advance to Govt Employees
12-08-2015KERALA TEACHERS ELIGIBILITY TEST 2015 : Notification | Online Application
11-08-2015Time Table - First Terminal Examination
10-08-2015Directions from Balavakasa Commission about School Bag
10-08-2015Onam : 5KG rice to the students
10-08-2015DPI Circular about Noon Meal Program
07-08-2015Internal Support Mission(ISM)- Latest Directions dated on 7-8-2015
07-08-2015Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees and Dearness Relief to pensioners-Rates revised w.e.f 01-01-2015
07-08-2015GO about National Savings Scheme - Promotional allowance sanctioned for School Sanchayika Scheme
07-08-2015Timely reply to petitions -Instructions from Personnel & Administrative Reforms - reg.
06-08-2015GO on Teahcers Package
06-08-2015HINDI Week : September 1 to 14
06-08-2015Circular and Pledge for Sanskrit day Celebrations
06-08-2015State Eligibility Test (SET) June 2015 Result
03-08-2015Important Points to be noticed when applying to Provident Fund Loan
03-08-2015Action Plan of Mathematics,Social and Science Club Activities
02-08-2015DPI Direction about the Students' Uniform
02-08-2015Affixing office seals in official communication- Instructions-
02-08-2015School Parliament Election 2015-2016
29-07-2015Minority Prematric scholarship Certificates - Self attestation regarding
29-07-2015Inter School Quiz @ Mar Basil School, Kothamangalam
28-07-2015Kannur District School Dies Codes(For Minority Scholarship Application Class IX and X in now on National Scholarship Portal)
25-07-2015Teachers' Day 2015 - Instructions
13-07-2015Prematric Scholarship (Minority) 2015-2016 : Application 2015-2016 | Instructions for Applicants | Instructions For Applicants studying in IX,X std | Directions to HM
13-07-2015Cluster Training 2015-16 - Instructions
12-07-2015Noon Feeding Planner Plus : By T K Sudheer Kumar
07-07-2015HM/AEO Promotion
07-07-2015പാഠപുസ്തക വിതരണം - വളരെ അടിയന്തിരം
07-07-2015Inclusion of Teaching Practice in Arabic/Urudu Course
02-07-2015Detais of Registers maintained in Schools (Help File as received)
02-07-2015Internal Support Mission - Circular
02-07-2015OEC Prematric Schplarship :
Letter to DDs DEOs
01-07-2015Percentage of Attendance - Calculation Table for Class Teachers - Prep. by Sreekumar N
30-06-2015School Kalolsava fund Collection 2015-16 reg.
30-06-2015NILE foundation Awards for HMS in High Schools
28-06-2015Distribution of various publications in Schools - Regarding
28-06-2015School Kalolsavam Fund Collection - Regarding
28-06-2015National Children's Science Congress - Circular
28-06-2015Ureekka Vijnajothsavam 2015-16 - Circular
28-06-2015Including HIV/AIDS affected children in Snehapoorvam Project
28-06-2015Distribution of Braille Kit for blind students
27-06-2015Departmental Promotion Commitee - CR called for
26-06-2015Promotion and Transfers AA/Noon Meal Officers..
25-06-2015HSE: Maximum Duty Leave limited to 20 a year
25-06-2015Clarification from Govt. to DEO Idukki - Appointment Approval to Teachers
25-06-2015A Case Study: Retaining PET in 1:35 Ratio
24-06-2015Teachers' ICT Training 2015-16
24-06-2015Promotion, Transfer of ADPI,DDE,&DEOs
23-06-2015Bill 59 C Spreadsheet Software by Ahmed Kutty K (Ubuntu Based)
23-06-2015Priority to qualified hands - Departmental Test Excemption reg.
22-06-2015Panchayath Aid to Aided Schools reg.
21-06-2015One Day software trg to Noon Meal Officers reg.
19-06-2015State Teachers Award, PTA Award and Pro. Joseph Mundassery Award
19-06-2015 Appointment of resource teacher under IEDSS on contract basis
Application form | Instructions to candidates
18-06-2015 English Teachers' Training - @ Bangalore
18-06-2015 Noon Meal Officers - Duties and Responsibilities
18-06-2015 Junior Supts/Noon Meal Officers - Non Joining employees - Details called for
18-06-2015 NILE Leadership Awards by Infosys
17-06-2015 Mathrubhumi Seed Programme
17-06-2015 IED & IEDSS 2015-16 - Instructions for conducting medical camp for identifying CWSN Children
17-06-2015 Muslim/Nadar/Anglo Indian Girls/LSS/USS National Scholarship 2015-16
17-06-2015 An important verdict on Test qualification of HM/AEO from Kerala Administrative Tribunal dated 18-05-2015.
10-06-2015 Inter District Transfer of Government Teachers on Compassionate ground
10-06-2015 Revised School Time Table
10-06-2015Vayana Dinam : Directions - Circular
04-06-2015June 5 -Environment Day : Pledge - > Activities
04-06-2015Sixth Working Day - DPI Circular Guidelines - Model Format
03-06-2015Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya Vedi - Revised Guidelines
03-06-2015Smart Children Program - Instructions
02-06-2015Uniform Distribution - Guidelines
02-06-2015Modified School Time Table
12-6-2009 മുതല്‍ 31-05-2015 വരെയുള്ള പഴയ G.O/Circular/Proforma എന്നിവയ്ക്കായി ആര്‍ക്കൈവ്സില്‍ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക

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